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About Stellarbrite Elevators

The Stellarbrite Elevators is making a humble beginning into the ever expanding elevator market. First, we are starting with providing the maintenance and services to the existing customers to full fill their trouble free swift uninterrupted operations of their home and commercial lifts to conduct their daily routine operations and businesses. The maintenance and service is provided by our highly qualified and experienced Elevator Engineers and Technicians who have gained unique expertise from various types of elevators and its manufacturing companies. We can trouble shoot, quickly, timely, efficiently and by charging a reasonable charges, to make our clients happy, proud and free of worries about their lifts.

The Stellarbrite Elevators undertakes Annual Maintenance Contracts, Periodic Maintenance Contracts, Short term Maintenance contracts and Pay per Calls for Maintenance terms also.




The Stellarbrite Elevators vertical flights engineers and technicians are technically sound, soft on customers care, utilise very optimal time in finding Circuit and mechanical faults and rectify the machines to return to their original state of operation.

The Stellarbrite Elevators accepts units with following types like Traction lifts with machine rooms manual or auto operations, Machine Room less lifts and Hydraulic lifts for maintenance and service. The Stellarbrite is specifically customer friendly, timely, sharp, does the job and prove the value for money.

The Stellarbrite elevator people are simply the best on whom the customers can bet for quality vertical flights maintenance and services on reasonable charges.

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